• Mason and Landscape Contractor in Stowe, Vermont

    Masonry Contractor in Stowe, Vermont
  • Stowe, Vermont

    Mansfield Masonry is a company dedicated to quality work at competitive prices. Based out of Stowe, Vermont, we provide all types of Masonry work for both Homeowners, and General Contractors.
  • Projects Big & Small

    From stone work or chimney repairs to commercial Brick and Block contracting, we have the personnel and resources to handle any Masonry project.


Masonry is anything built out of Brick, Concrete Block, Stone, or Tile. All of these things can be beautiful and maintenance free when built correctly. The harsh winter climate in Northern Vermont can create problems with Masonry that is installed poorly.

Our company has the knowledge and experience to build it right the first time. We start with a solid foundation for whatever we are building. We have a small excavator and dump truck to provide basic excavation for our projects. Using different techniques to protect existing landscapes on our clients property's, we can produce quality work without destroying other pieces of the landscape.

Repairs, Renovation, and Restoration

Many homes in the Stowe area go through remodeling projects over the years. The old styles change and parts of the home need to change with them. Our company has created many solutions to renovate or remove old masonry works. Changing brick fireplaces to stone, or covering up concrete or stucco foundations are common projects for Mansfield Masonry.

Recent Projects.

Take a look at some of our past projects.

Laying down hardscapes
Brick Laying
Getting the work done

Chimney Service

Chimneys are often overlooked when it comes to roof repairs. Brick and mortar deteriorates over the years and can allow water into your home. Have us inspect your chimney before a small leak becomes a serious problem.

Yeah we can fix that

60% of homes in Vermont heat with wood. Masonry chimneys service a great number of those wood stoves. We can diagnose any chimney problem, and provide a solution. During our first visit we will meet with the homeowner or property manager and inspect the chimney. After our inspection we can provide a quote for our solution to the problem. We have a resources and equipment to handle any chimney project including repointing, rebuilding, poor draft troubleshooting, chimney liner installation, wood stove installation, and hearth extensions. We also provide budget friendly installations to get you heating with wood and saving money this winter.

  • Chimney repair in progress, before and after!
  • Working on the Mount Mansfield Base Lodge Chimney!

Before and After Chimney Repair Protecting your property

Stone Work

Custom installations built to last a lifetime.

At Mansfield Masonry our approach to stone work is a little different then the rest. We try to use the stone from the property whenever possible. We address drainage and frost heave concerns before we ever lay a rock. Additionally, we have techniques to incorporate reinforced concrete block work or motor as the ‘guts’ of our walls to ensure that your stone walls and patios never sag or tumble.

  • Stone Work
  • Working on the Mount Mansfield Base Lodge Chimney!

Make your landscape One of a Kind this season!

Estate Services

We have the right equipment to solve your propertys forest and drainage issues.

The old forests of Vermont create some of the most appealing parts of living here. Trees don't last forever in Vermont and when they need to be removed, Mansfield Masonry can provide low impact solutions for non-hazardous tree and stump removal on your property. From removing a tree and stump that was blown-down in a storm, removing trees that block your mountain view, or even harvesting trees for their firewood or timber value. Our winters provide a great time to access wet areas to take down trees when the ground is frozen and we won't leave a trace. Additionally all types of basic excavation and landscaping are available for contracting.

  • Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.

    Michelangelo, Sculptor
  • Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

    Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect

About Us

Mansfield Masonry is owned and operated by Andy Mink, born and raised in Stowe. Working on property's in the Stowe area for the last 12 years has given him a good understanding of common problems that arise with Chimneys and landscapes in the area. When you call the company you will deal with him directly, and he will stand behind his work. His goal is to provide long lasting new construction of anything he builds, and permanent solutions to chimney and masonry problems. Schedule an appointment to provide another option for your project.

Who Are We ?

At Mansfield Masonry we provide chimney service, sweeping and repairs, as well as all forms of Masonry construction including foundation repairs, bulkhead installation and repair, brick and block work, and all types of stone work and stone veneer.

Our Landscaping  division produces stone landscapes, stone steps and stone walls, small excavation work, low impact logging and tree removal.

Andy Mink, Owner

Andy Mink


Mansfield Masonry

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